Granite & Marble

Granite and marble provide a timeless elegance and natural beauty.

Granite is a beautiful, high quality, natural material that often becomes the centerpiece of a room. No two pieces are identical, with uniqueness through veining patterns, specks, swirls and pitting of the natural material. With a timeless beauty, granite is a very hard substance and is not susceptible to scratches and is heat resistant. Although easy to clean, in order to resist stains, granite needs to be properly sealed and maintained.

Marble is also another beautiful and elegant natural stone countertop material. Given that marble is a natural stone that must be mined, each piece is unique with the color of the stone based on the area from which is was mined. Marble itself is heat resistant, but the finish may be affected by hot objects. The use of a pot holder or placemat is recommended to protect the finish when placing hot objects on the surface.


Granite Visualizer


Rated 1-10: 10!  Great crew!  Awesome job!

- Betty P.
Richmond, RI